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New Logo/Branding Possibilities

These are some options I created and I’m toying with for use as my new logo.  I really like the I and B incorporated together, but I can’t decide on the color.  Both the straight orange, and the orange with blue border appeal to me, so I would love any feedback about what you think!  […]

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It’s not too often that I get, or sometimes take, the chance to photograph my beautiful wife, Lauren.. A couple weekends ago, we both had a free day so I decided to take that as a a great opportunity to get some images of her.  These are two of my favorites!  We just did some […]

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I wanted to get a nice studio portrait in my portfolio and decided my buddy PJ would be a great subject.  I brought him in and shot him against a black wall using 3 lights for most of them.  I really liked how the images turned out and the third one (one on the right) […]

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Tyler & Carly Get Hitched… Again

My good friends Tyler and Carly were good sports helping me add another wedding image to my portfolio.  They were actually married almost 2 years ago and have returned to their wedding attire multiple times since!  This was my first time shooting a bride and groom completely on my own and we had a lot […]

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