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Fish Tacos

This is the second shot from the food.  This was also shot on Fuji Velvia 4×4 chrome film and scanned in.  These shoots were very interesting because I had to set the camera and the set (empty) up while the food was being prepared and then be ready to go once the food was brought […]

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Tres Leche Cake

This is one of the images from shooting food for the first time last week.  It was shot on Fuji Velvia 4×5 chrome film and scanned in on a Hasselblad 4×5 scanner.  I think both shots turned out well, especially this being my first time shooting food!  Fish tacos are up next!

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Hayley With the Wind

I did a quick portrait session with my friend Hayley Pharr and will be submitting this for the Portrait section of my portfolio. It was a very simple shoot and we were under a bit of a time and weather constraint, but I like what I left with!

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I shot my Jewelry assignment this week and this was a bit more challenging for me.  I struggled at first to come up with something that I felt was interesting, and in the end I am fairly happy with the results.  While not the best jewelry shot I’ve seen, I feel it is decent for […]

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