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Join My Fan Club… Por Favor.

You remember when you were younger and everyone wanted a fan club? No? Maybe that was just me…  Anyways, I made my own on Facebook and would love to have you join!  Most of the information will be the same or similar to here, however there should be some things happening in the future to […]

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New Logo/Branding Possibilities

These are some options I created and I’m toying with for use as my new logo.  I really like the I and B incorporated together, but I can’t decide on the color.  Both the straight orange, and the orange with blue border appeal to me, so I would love any feedback about what you think!  […]

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Chuck Taylor Wrenches Get Shot

I shot the Converse again for my portfolio, adding an additional light to make the image much better.  This image was featured as the first in the advertising section of my portfolio! I also shot these shotgun shells and wrenches trying to fulfill my final requirement for the commercial/advertising section of my portfolio.  The wrenches […]

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Nashville After the Storm

After finishing up working on some things for an upcoming art show for Jeremy Cowart, I went to try and scout a few locations.. I decided to try to head towards Belle Meade, and didn’t quite find what I was looking for, but they did have some really neat houses.  Along the way I passed […]

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